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Air and Water Purifiers for your Indoor Home Environment.
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Air Wellness® Power5 Pro™

The absolute standard of excellence in air filtration — combined with “green” technology. The Nikken Air Wellness Power5 Pro features multiple filter stages, including carbon filtration and a unique system that uses organic plant materials to neutralize contaminants. The final stage is a HEPA filter, just like those in hospital operating rooms, high-tech clean rooms and the laboratories of the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

Nikken added negative-ion generation to provide forest-air freshness, the exhilarating feeling produced by high levels of negative ions in natural settings. And as with all Air Wellness products, the Power5 Pro is engineered to operate without producing ozone – the toxic gas created by many home air filters that are now banned in California and other areas. The Power5 Pro features manual or fully automatic modes including sleep and quiet settings, and a sleek, lightweight design. It’s Energy Star certified to give you lower operating costs and help preserve the environment.

PiMag® Deluxe Under Counter Water System

Top-of-the-line filtration technology in the PiMag® Deluxe Under Counter Water System provides a defense against the broadest range of pollutants and substances found in some municipal water supplies.* In more than 30 contaminants tested the reduction rate is greater than 90%! These multiple filter stages, together with pi and magnetic technologies, produce the “water of life.” The PiMag® Deluxe Under Counter Water System gives you the convenience of clear, sparkling PiMag® water right from its elegant faucet — and because it filters water directly from household plumbing, you have a practically unlimited supply, at any time. The undercounter design is out of the way and out of sight, but always ready to work.

* Nikken has no information on water quality regarding the water in your area. The substances removed or reduced by this device are not necessarily in your water. Use only on municipally treated water or other supply known to be safe for drinking.

PiMag® Ultra Shower System

Only one shower design combines advanced redox filtration and PiMag® Technology. The PiMag® Ultra Shower System reduces chlorine up to 90% — without adding chemicals. It neutralizes the chlorine through an exclusive copper-zinc process. A superfine 2-micron filter reduces a wide range of other water contaminants. The showerhead has five selectable settings including Pure Mist™ Technology, a deep-cleaning spray. The PiMag® Ultra Shower System also features pi and magnetic technologies, innovations you’ll find only in Nikken PiMag® water products.

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